Ha! There is no store! But you can hear this homegrown stuff from the past. 


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Burns From the Heart CD

An intimate, warm rendition of some Burns classics - the perfect way to spend an evening - along with your favorite malt! Available at  

 Also available at iTunes and Amazon.com


Bones!  Contains many possible hits!


  Amazingly FREE - that's no charge! If you have Amazon Prime or just head to YouTube. 

The Boy

 "The Boy"  is here!   New! Improved! Available from Amazon, ITunes, and all those kinda places!     


New Songs

And lots of 'em. Over the next week or two, as I comb through the archives, I will begin posting new and new/old songs and the stories behind them. Coming soon!



Guitars: Guild, Gibson, Taylor, Fender, Ibanez, Martin

Banjos: Recording King, Vega

Dulcimer: Capritaurus

Keyboards: Korg

Drums: Sigma

Lots of people - Liz, Alan, Joe, Don, Bernie, Kirk, Cynthia, David, Claudia, Pat,  many more! And ... Sandy - all my love forever!