The Tribute Band Thing ie. Beatallica - All You Need Is Blood

Yup. You read that right. What does all this mean?  How about Abbatoir? The heavy metal Abba tribute. Ot just the usual classic rock radio stuff like Deft Leopard, Greenish Day, Electric Lynne Orchestra, How about Back in Black - the True ACDC Experience?  Angus, please call these guys!

There's nothing really wrong with this, I guess. A lot of fine musicians get to work, and we all like to hear familiar stuff, get nostalgic, pretend we are young again, Some tribute bands are spinners, like the Grateful Dread, mixing genres for a sort of new sound. Others are exact replicas, like Rumours, with members dressed the part and working to duplicate the sounds. They are younger than the oriiginal players, look more attractive sometimes, and....they play really well. Maybe even better than the originals, who may have passed their sell-by date.  There is even a Tribute Band Directory online. 

To each his own. Any live music is good and every band plays covers. These specialty experiences are not for me, they are mostly bands with heavy airplay going back decades and the songs are just a bit shop worn by now. The Colonial Thearer in Pittsfield MA does tribute shows, bringing in area musicians to perform artist classics and giving folks a night of Jackson Browne songs, for example. Who doesn't love Jackson Browne songs and the chance to see some of our finest players? 

Well, its the songs, really. While it may be a symbiotic thing with Mr Browne alowing his songs and images to be used in a bit of a reboot, and locals getting a gig for the night, the songs are the songs. Played a million times by now. And thats all you get. Not the latest from anybody else, or maybe some related material from the era, or an original acknowleding Jackson's influence. I may be in the minoriity on this, but I would like a tribute show that mixes it up. Stories from back in the day, songs that led to other artisits, inspired originals from locals. Maybe we can capture These Days again for a few moments. BB


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