Review:  Hack Monet - The Ranch

Tumo-Kohrs  11/9 No 10 Steakhouse, Great Barrington  

Sarah Kohrs is a pianist and songwriter who has been in the process of reconnecting with her own musical heritage and developing a new pathway via her website and local performances. And she has talent. A lovely touch on the piano combines with a growing confidence in her singing voice to give her songs a wonderful personal touch. 

Sarah and Mark Tuomenoksa teamed up some time ago, with Mark looking to give Sarah a bit of a boost as an arranger and producer, which ultimately resulted in Tumo-Kohrs. Mark is…

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Review - Bruce Hornsby 2/29/20 Troy Music Hall 

It’s a long way from 1986 and The Way It Is for Hornsby, who has been on a journey of musical diversity for the past 30 years or so. From AOR to the Grateful Dead, to jazzy rock, to bluegrass, to atonal funk, and now a sort of contemporary classical/jazz hybrid, there has not been a dull moment – or record. 

At 65, Hornsby is a man comfortable in his own skin these days. He does what he wants to do, plays whatever he wants, however he wants. And man, does he play. His technical skill on piano is nothing…

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The Tribute Band Thing ie. Beatallica - All You Need Is Blood 

Yup. You read that right. What does all this mean?  How about Abbatoir? The heavy metal Abba tribute. Ot just the usual classic rock radio stuff like Deft Leopard, Greenish Day, Electric Lynne Orchestra, How about Back in Black - the True ACDC Experience?  Angus, please call these guys!

There's nothing really wrong with this, I guess. A lot of fine musicians get to work, and we all like to hear familiar stuff, get nostalgic, pretend we are young again, Some tribute bands are spinners, like the Grateful…

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The Boy

 "The Boy"  is here!   New! Improved! Available from Amazon, ITunes, and all those kinda places!     

New Songs

And lots of 'em. Over the next week or two, as I comb through the archives, I will begin posting new and new/old songs and the stories behind them. Coming soon!



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