Bruce Blair

Bruce  Blair – writes the songs, plays the instruments and sings. He has done this for a long time and has spent a lot of that time performing  in seedy bars, okay bars, and even a few fancy bars. And once in a while on a real music stage. He records by himself but still plays with locals several times a month and is happy with whatever the gang plays, old or new. Too late to get rich, too old to get women. But still hangin in.

A long while ago in south Berkshire County,  a bunch of fine musicians came together with audiences who loved music and they celebrated this love in shows and concerts and bar gigs from the Music Inn to Tanglewood to the Lion's Den to Mundy's...and the Mahawie and the Stockbridge Inn and Dos Amigos and on and on. It was pop, country rock, folk, jazz, R&B, and various combinations of all of these that bound so many of us together.

This site looks to hold onto some of that past and connect with it while exploring the latest from those still playing. And to explore how this connects with those musicians who followed and are making music around the region and keeping the traditions alive today. What they are doing, where to see them, whats next. If you love live music and local recordings relflecting the life and times of South County and beyond, you will find stuff here.

 In  early summer 1974, the Eagles stepped up onto the small wooden stage at Music Inn in Stockbridge and played their newest song, "Already Gone". Glenn Fry's voice was already gone as the band had been playing relentlessly at modest venues to try to build a bigger following. He missed the key change entirely, switching to a lower octave we could barely hear. We sat on the grass ten feet away and watched them struggle with some of the songs but we thought it was great because it was real. And real is where we need to be


The Boy

 "The Boy"  is here!   New! Improved! Available from Amazon, ITunes, and all those kinda places!     

What's On

New Songs

And lots of 'em. Over the next week or two, as I comb through the archives, I will begin posting new and new/old songs and the stories behind them. Coming soon!


Friends & Equipment

Guitars: Guild, Gibson, Taylor, Fender, Ibanez, Martin

Banjos: Recording King, Vega

Dulcimer: Capritaurus

Keyboards: Korg

Drums: Sigma

Lots of people - Liz, Alan, Joe, Don, Bernie, Kirk, Cynthia, David, Claudia, Pat,  many more! And ... Sandy - all my love forever!